Famous Pakistani Stars In Drink Party

Pakistani leading stars including Ejaz Aslam, Abdullah Kadwani, Adnan Siddiqui and Humayun Saeed can be found inside a wine party somewhere in Pakistan. This can be a latest Pakistani scandal, that is roaming within the social networking nowadays the so known as stars and stars can be found in a strange moment in which the individuals are consuming alcoholic drinks.

Sometimes the stars declare that they never consume alcohol in tangible existence, it’s really a a part of their acting. They are saying that they’ll have to complete justice using their roles hence they do such as these functions within the dramas. But it’s now observed in the matter that the number of Pakistani drama stars involved with Consuming and smoking around the Televisions.

Whereas the Pakistani drama market is growing daily, the stars are moving for the trends of western society. When you are Muslims we ought to follow these consuming parties, where we might lose our repute. Couple of days ago, our so known as leader (Allama Tahir Ashrafi) caught drunk on a trip, as well as in another incident Anchor Nusrat Javed seemed to be caught drunk. It is now the popularity in our showbiz society that a lot of our so known as celebs caught drunk in galleries or Televisions.

In past couple of years several scams of Pakistani political figures and celebs happen to be elevated through the media. Hence being Muslims they must be involved with Islamic functions rather than wrongdoings, because it leaves a poor picture of the celebs within the hearts of audiences as well as their fans.

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