Suu Kyi’s views are questioned after her statement “No-one told me I was going to be interviewed by a Muslim.”

Plenty of Burmese Buddhists are very prejudiced against Muslims. however is Aung San Suu Kyi?
After a torrid interview with Mishal Husain for the “Today” programme, she was reportedly detected to mention angrily, “No-one told me I was going to be interviewed by a Muslim.” i used to be told this by a reliable supply and quoted it in my new book, the woman and therefore the Generals. What will it tell North American country concerning Suu Kyi’s views?
It is true that she has ne’er created a transparent statement in support of the Rohingya, the persecuted Muslims of western Union of Burma, tens of thousands of whom ar unsettled, homeless and while not rights because of official Burmese government policy. She has lamented the violence in Arakan state however has refused to endorse the judgements of organisations like Human Rights Watch, that have goddamn Arakan’s Buddhists for the abuse of the Muslims.
As a result she has been wide attacked by several within the West WHO were aghast by her apparent inability to check and condemn what was happening. Given her huge quality, several feel that if she had spoken up at the proper moment she may have brought the abuse to associate abrupt finish.
That may be true – there’s no method of knowing. And there’s nothing in Suu Kyi’s earlier life to steer one to suppose that she may be intolerant. As I disclosed in my life of Suu Kyi, the woman and therefore the Peacock, her 1st serious fellow once she was a student at Oxford was a Pakistani (he went on to become a prime diplomat for his country), she lived for twenty years in school of thought UK while not manifesting any far-famed anti-Muslim hostility, and one amongst the key people that persuaded her to induce concerned in Burma’s democracy revolt was Maung Thaw Ka, a Muslim journalist and author WHO later on died in jail.
So given her tolerant, liberal background, why did she seem to rage concerning Mishal Husain then tough interview? Is it as a result of her chief of workers and constant companion, Dr Tin Mar Aung, is herself from Arakan’s Buddhist community? will she have intolerant opinions which could have infected Suu Kyi?

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