Free Makeup For Women Voters In Rajkot (India)

Based on a nearby news report, a beauty salon owner in Rajkot, India does free makeup of ladies voters who’re casting votes in elections. This can be a new trend introduced by the beauty salon to draw in women for casting their votes in the united states elections.

The ladies who’ve ink mark on their own thumbs are qualified to obtain free makeup service in the Mona Liza beauty salon. This beauty salon is simply showing the disposable makeup service as social work, because it is not supporting any political party within the elections. It is only to motivate the lady and women to cast their votes within the elections. This is actually the exclusive report that you can easily see the way the beauty salon is supplying free makeup plan to the ladies, who’re casting their votes.

Pakistani women might be greatly excited to cast their election after listening to the disposable makeup service. Therefore it might be an enormous motivation to allow them to bring them from their houses for casting the votes.

It appears this trend will even explore elections in Pakistan in 2013. Elections in Pakistan are close to come which new beauty salon trend is giving a concept for that persons who’re interested to win the elections. Therefore if anybody provides this particular service towards the ladies and women of Pakistan, he’ll get increasingly more votes in the female voters of Pakistan by providing the disposable makeup service.

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