3000 Killed Deadly situations over anti-blasphemy law in Bangladesh

News reviews from Bangladesh claim that a number of attacks on protesters have occurred, around 3am , May 6, 2013. The extent from the accidents and dying is difficult to become determined right now. The Daily Star, a Bangladeshi paper, gave the figure of deaths as 5. However, several internet reviews have pointed out that the amount of deaths might be up to 2,500 to 3,000 or even more. Pictures of dead bodies are also passed out on the internet. Major news channels in Bangladesh happen to be silenced. Two private television stations which were showing live pictures from the attacks upon the protesters were immediately closed lower. The government bodies have, later each morning, enforced Section 144 from the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898, (a provision much like proclaiming internal emergency) within the town of Dhaka, under that four persons aren’t allowed to converge in public areas and also the announcement absolutely forbids public protest. Worse, the government bodies can use deadly pressure against ordinary people under this provision. All types of public events, rallies and protests happen to be prohibited before the night time today, May 6.

Bangladesh, lately is becoming very violent. The violence appeared within the problem of objectionable blog-posts concerning Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). It’s reported that a lot of protesters collected in Dhaka since morning hours May 5, 2013, underneath the umbrella of the group named Hefazat-E-Islam demanding punishment from the so known as ‘atheist bloggers’, who allegedly continued to be underneath the protection from the situation agents, for writing blasphemous materials. Hefazat-E-Islam continues to be demanding 13 points together with a legislation on blasphemy, reformation from the country’s ‘women policy’ and adoption from the title of Allah within the constitution.

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