Stay Calm: Heart Attack Due to Gangnam Style Dance

London: A guy from London, Eamonn Killbridge experienced from heart attack with Gangnam style dance. He was around the stage at Holiday party, where he was entertaining the folks together with his gangnam dance. As he attempted the equine moves throughout the dance, that the Korean rapper had completed in the recording of Psy’s hit song, he all of a sudden felt chest discomfort and also got accurate the place off by heart attack.

Gangnam style, which in fact had become famous in most around the globe has taken the existence of the 49-years of age guy from London. While speaking towards the Kilbridege’s wife Julia, she told that Emonn would be a great member of the family, also it was his hobby to bop within the parties to entertain the folks. But regrettably he lost his existence throughout gangnam style dance inside a party.

The gangnam style dance became a well known factor for that boys and women who like to dance, however the individuals are shocked the same dance has required the existence of 1 around the Holiday party in the stage. It is a debate concerning the gangnam style.

It has additionally been reported that, the Professor Bemard Keavney, who’s the consultant cardiologist at Newcastle College had released that warning to Emonn Killbridge to restrain in the Christmas parties, because these parties aren’t safe for him. He didn’t go ahead and take advice of physician seriously and also got died throughout a equine move of gangnam style dance.

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